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Learn Essential Spanish Phrases For Latin America

Did you know you could get by in Latin America if you just learn Spanish phrases that are common?

On top of that, did you know that you could learn enough Spanish to get by very comfortably in under a month without investing any of your free time into it?


Well, let me explain both.

Common Phrases

I am not joking when I say that you can get by in Latin America by using the bulk of these phrases. Of course, it can be confusing at times, but as long as you can indicate what you want, then you’re in good shape!

To tell someone where you want to go (taxi, for example): a (location)
(For example, enter into a taxi and simply say, “A la hotel Miramont”)
When ordering food: Me gustaría (food)
(For example, if you want the chicken say, “Me gustaría el pollo”)
What time is it?: Que hora es?
No: No
Yes: Sí
(You will be surprised how far you can get just by saying “yes” or “no”!)
I understand: Entiendo
I don’t understand: No entiendo
Can I …?: Puedo …?
Hello: Hola
(In Latin America, they often say “buen” or “buena” instead of “hola”)
I like: Me Gusta
I want: Quiero

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