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Goa Hotels: Best of Luxury Hotels

Goa hotels are undoubtedly some of the best properties in India. Travelers visit Goa to relax and rejuvenate those jaded muscles after days of strenuous work schedule and in return Goa gives them memories worth cherishing for life. Hotels in Goa are an embodiment of luxury living and thus even the most basic properties are meticulously designed and are situated at exotic locales to ensure guests enjoy relaxed time living close to nature’s bounty. Goa being a hub of activity unleashes its wealth of natural splendor, colonial lineage, fiesta of colorful festivities and musical celebrations in abundance. Thus be it the thrill of water sports that attracts you or simply zeal to be touched by caressing winds on the beach that pulls you toward the town you are well taken care off at Goa hotels throughout.

First pick the locale where you would like to reside and then only go through the list of hotels in Goa for your stay. Amongst the best of the properties in the town a few are:

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Ford Aguada: An extravagant property, Fort Aguada is a splendid hotel in the town. Charming and vibrant the hotel has its walls steeped into rich history of colonial age. The renowned cottages, villas and nouvelle restaurants are spectacular with extravagant infrastructure and antique furnishings. To compliment one’s luxury stay the hotel offers revitalizing Ayurveda therapies at Jiva Spa here. Soak in the serenity that surrounds you at the beauteous hotel extended to the sea waves on one corner. Designed into stunning Goan-Portuguese architecture the hotel offers lodging at 145 guestrooms which includes 14 lavish suites facing the sea. A stay at Fort Aguada is definitely the finest expression of luxury-living.

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