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Cigaran Hotel – One of the Finest Hotels in Istanbul

If you talk about the five star or luxurious hotels, then there are few things that come into our minds which are present in all the five star hotels anywhere in the world. They will all have excellent quality of service, beautiful and well-kept rooms, great restaurants and amazing location. There are many hotels in Istanbul which are very luxurious and they will make your whole vacation memorable.

The first thing why Istanbul is very famous is because of its location on two continents. This is only one of the reasons why it is popular among tourists. If you decide to go to Istanbul to spend your vacations, then you should definitely choose to stay in the Cigaran hotel which is one of the best Istanbul hotels and it will really make your whole vacation worth it. Hotels count a lot; don’t think you can enjoy the same while staying in a third class or low quality hotel. If your hotel is good, you will enjoy even the boring of cities.

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Cigaran hotel is located on the Asian coast on Bosporus and it is actually an Ottoman imperial palace. Imagine staying in an imperial palace; only the idea is exciting. The location of the hotel, which is near to all the major attractions and life of the city, as well as the magnificent views from the hotel, makes it one of the best Istanbul hotels and very popular with famous people like celebrities.

There are amazing restaurants in this hotel and every restaurant and bar has its own balcony where you can sit and watch the Bosporus while you eat. For breakfast, you should go to Laledan restaurant which offers Arabic, Turkish and Japanese food for breakfast. It also has Sunday brunch which tourists can really enjoy a lot.

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