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Rare and Exclusive Vintage Champagne

1982 Dom Perignon Champagne

Moët & Chandon wines are produced by a team of some ten oenologists, each with complementary experience acquired in a range of wine-growing regions around the world. The driving forces behind the team are its shared expertise, its combined sensitivities and its ongoing commitment to keeping abreast with trends, in particular through travelling and meeting with fellow wine experts. The Chef de Cave, who leads the team, must ensure one all-important objective is achieved: producing Complete, Well-rounded and Radiant wines. Indeed, it is this guiding aim which determines the oenologists’ decisions on which, in turn, the wine’s final shape will depend. The assemblage or blend of grape varieties is critical in determining the champagne’s distinctive style.

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It is largely during this phase of the production process that a unifying character emerges, the complete, well-rounded and radiant personality which distinguishes all of Moët & Chandon’s wines. The range from which the team can choose includes over 150 crus from the house’s own vineyard as well grapes purchased from other wine growers. The three Champagne varieties, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, continue to be the wine’s mainstays, offering their complementary features and specific synergies. The wines are assembled in accordance with a well structured and thought-out process. Each initiative forms an integral part of a carefully organised ensemble. However there is nothing unnatural about the process, which is applied in strict compliance with time-honoured Champagne traditions, thus ensuring the essence of the region’s grapes is faithfully captured. Guide nature, do not force it. The methods used in creating the wine are therefore preventative rather than curative, the techniques applied organic and physical rather than chemical and the use of so-called oenological products kept to an absolute minimum.

Tasting Note :

It is pale yellow in colour with shades of straw and on the nose has initial aromas of acacia honey and fresh almonds giving away to notes of dried apricots and toasted brioche. On the palate the wine is full, round and complete with balancing acidity, and a long, silky elegant finish.

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